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Family Therapy

Mother and her teenager daughter talking with therapist at home.

The word FAMILY can mean different things to different people. Family members may live together, or live separately depending on the situation. Parents may be a unit or sometimes they may be separated from one another. Regardless, of how the dynamics are situated in a family unit all members need to be heard and understood in a caring, empathic way. The family therapy process includes everyone and anyone living in the home coming to therapy. The first session is a time to meet one another and outline what is causing trouble to each member and how they “see” the problem. It is essential to learn how to listen and respect each other’s opinion while creating a parental hierchary and setting goals. Family work teaches parents how to make boundaries and create behavioral rules, as well as, understand their children’s struggles in the home environment. Working with families is some of the most rewarding work that I do because it is the family that is the key to every social structure.

  • 275 Bloomfield Ave Rear Caldwell, NJ 07006
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In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.

- Eva Burrows

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